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We have pre-financed for a total of
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The selling fees for Edebex (fixe and variable) will be charged separately (starting from 1,5% of the invoice amount)


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Is your company in need of liquidity? Sell your invoices to clients and receive the money in 72 hours!

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Do your clients only pay within 30, 60 or even 120 days? Immediately receive the liquidity to finance your working capital.

Simplify your financial administration

Sell your invoices and focus on your core business. Leave the receivables management to professionals.

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Satisfied customers

“At Edebex, they really listen to your particular situation”

“We are not a normal company and we don’t fit into all the boxes. At Edebex they really looked at our case and just made it work.
I would highly recommend Edebex to other businesses because of its excellent service and flexibility.”

Emily Koulouvaris, Managing Director of Revelle Group

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