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We have pre-financed for a total of
121560000 in invoices

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The selling fees for Edebex will be charged separately (starting from 1,45% of the invoice amount)


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Is your company in need of liquidity? Sell your invoices to clients and receive the money in 72 hours!

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Linda Vangilbergen, Managing director at NWP

“Because of our industry, we are not welcome at traditional banks. We are welcome at Edebex.”

In the past, I’ve requested traditional factoring at our bank. But they could never help us because of the activity of our company. Edebex is a business that thinks like business owners. They are realistic, professional and flexible.

Alain Claeys, Owner & Managing Director of Securiguard

“Without Edebex, I could have never started my company”

We work with big clients that have long payment delays. Therefore, we make use of Edebex so that we are able to make payroll in time.

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