Why sell your invoices?

Do you need ready cash? Do your customers pay in 30, 60 or 120 days? Improve your cash flow by selling your customer invoices and getting money straight away.


Get money for your invoices
right away.


Improve your cash flow, whatever
your financial situation.


Sell only the invoices
you want to sell.

No restriction

Raise finance without giving
personal guarantees.


Save time by not having to
follow up customer invoices.


Immediate calculation of how much
it costs you to sell your invoices.

Do you have an invoice awaiting payment?

Ask for a quote today to find out how much it would cost you to sell it.

Comparison with alternative solutions

Edebex - logo Edebex


With Edebex, your invoices can provide you with funds regardless of your financial situation.

We focus our attention on the creditworthiness of your customer/debtor.


Factoring has various restrictive access conditions

A minimum level of turnover is often required, and you have to demonstrate your creditworthiness.

On the Edebex platform, you can sell your invoice in a few clicks.

You just have to enter your data and submit a copy of your invoice. On average, payment is made within 48 hours of invoices being offered for sale.


Setting up a factoring contract takes time and energy.

Your circumstances have to be assessed by a credit department, and you will be asked for a great deal of information.

You choose the invoices you want to sell on Edebex.

There is no obligation to assign a particular volume of turnover. You will not be asked to give any security or personal guarantees. Your lines of credit remain intact.


Factoring or invoice discounting requires you to assign the whole of your turnover..

You may be asked for personal guarantees. Your lines of credit may be curtailed.

You know the selling charges and set the price yourself.

We help you and give you advice on a selling price in keeping with the parameters of your invoice.


It is difficult to pin down the real cost of factoring.

You are often charged a percentage of your turnover on top of management charges and interest, etc.

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