Selling an invoice on Edebex: How much does it cost?

The factors which determine the cost of selling an invoice on Edebex are subscription, selling fees, service charges and buyer discount.

1. Your registration on Edebex

Your Edebex registration is valid for 12 months. This sum covers the charges for managing your account.

€150 ex-VAT per year

per year

2. Selling fees

Selling fees are fixed and cover the auditing of your invoice, i.e. correspondence with your customers and with the credit insurer.

€25 ex-VAT

per invoice

3. Service charges

The service charges enable Edebex to put you in touch with investors, to do the debtor administration and to insure the invoice purchase with Euler Hermes. Your transactions are kept secure and the investors have peace of mind.

from 1.45%*

of the invoice amount

*Charges vary according to the debtor’s creditworthiness and the invoice amount

4. Buyer discount

The margin granted to the buyer depends on the due date of your invoice and your customer’s credit rating with Euler Hermes.

from 0.5%

of the invoice total

Simulate the cost of selling your invoice

The selling fees for Edebex will be charged separately (starting from 1,45% of the invoice amount)


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