Selling an invoice on Edebex: How much does it cost?

The cost of selling invoices via Edebex can vary dependent on different parameters such as the solvability of your client’s company, invoice amount, yearly volume, duration until the due date and many others. This allows us to provide the best possible pricing adapted to your business and your personal profile. The total average cost ranges between 1,5% and 4% of your invoice amount and is the sum of the elements below:

1. Membership fee

The Edebex platform is a closed platform only accessible for its members (sellers and buyers). The membership fee is 150€ excl. VAT for 12 months.

2. Fixed fee

For every invoice that you send to the platform to sell, you will have to pay a fixed listing fee of 25€ excl. VAT regardless of the invoice amount.

3. Variable fee

The Edebex services are covered by a variable fee which is calculated as a percentage on your invoice amount.

Simulate the cost of selling your invoice

The selling fees (fixe and variable) for Edebex will be charged separately (starting from 1,5% of the invoice amount)