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Discover our innovative online marketplace where companies in need of working capital can sell their non-due receivables to investors that have an excess of cash available.


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Our platform allows you to manage your account easily online. It only takes a few minutes to subscribe.

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Excellent customer service is our priority. At Edebex, there is always a dedicated contact person available for you.

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You can decide when and how often you want to use our services. There is no obligation regarding selling or investment volume.



Your clients only pay within 30, 60 or even 120 days and you don’t want to wait for your money?

Sell your invoices at Edebex and improve the cash flow of your company immediately.


Looking for a short-term investment to put your cash surplus to good use? Buy invoices from companies in need liquidity at Edebex and achieve an interesting ROI. In 2022, the average ROI for Edebex investors was > 5% annualised.

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“I started using Edebex because I was looking for alternative finance. By getting this earlier cash flow, we could do more business development and have more projects ongoing at the same time. So essentially it’s expanding our business.”

Emily Koulouvaris

Managing Director, Revelle Group

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