Strengthen your business by selling your open invoices

A cutting-edge solution to speed up your cash flow and to optimize your working capital. Sell your invoices on the Edebex platform and receive the money from an investor within a few days.

Why choose Edebex?


Only sell the invoices that you want to sell


Independent of your company’s financial situation

Up to 100% financing

Full financing without hold back reserve


Receive your money in a couple of days


Know in advance how much you have to pay

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How does it work?

Subscribe to the Edebex platform
Upload your invoice
Validate the sales price you will receive
- The invoice is approved by your client
An investor buys the invoice and makes the payment
You receive the cash within a couple of days
- Your client pays Edebex on due date

Eligibility criteria

What our clients say

I regret that I didn’t start earlier

“It’s very convenient, there is no holdback reserve, others withhold 20 %. There is always someone available when you call, the deadlines are respected.”
President of Optic Elec Système

Very easy, very fast, no complexity

“Since I work with Edebex, I’m very satisfied. I always have funds for social security taxes or the payroll. It’s a win-win for all parties.”
Mohammed Aribi,
Dionnysienne Bat

Super easy, it’s exactly what I expected

“In case of short-term financing needs, Edebex has really proven to be a trustful partner.”
Fabrice Kermaidic,

How much does it cost?

250€ / year

Membership fee

The Edebex platform is only accessible for its members (sellers and buyers of invoices). The membership fee covers the costs for compliance administration.

Average costs of 1 – 4% / invoice

The cost of selling invoices via Edebex can vary depending on different parameters such as the solvency of your client’s company, the invoice amount, the yearly volume and the duration until the due date. This allows us to provide the best possible pricing adapted to your company and business activity. In case of recurrent volume, a discount can be granted on demand.

Calculate how much you would receive for your invoice?

You will receive from the buyer of the invoice
The selling fees for Edebex (fix and variable) will be charged separately (starting from 1% of the invoice amount)