Provisions regarding credit card payments on the Edebex platform

All amounts which the Client authorizes Edebex to collect from his credit card in application of the General Terms and Conditions of Edebex, notably to pay the costs and commissions due on the selling orders made upon his request or in view of the payment of the price of a receivable placed online on the Edebex website, are debited directly from his credit card at the moment of the transaction.

The communication, by the Client, of the apparent number of his credit card implies authorization for debiting the bank account linked to the credit card to the extent of the convened price.

Without prejudice to the right to reimbursement, the Client may not revoke the payment order for debiting the amounts which the Client authorizes Edebex to collect from his credit card. The credit card payments cannot be canceled by the Client.

Considering that the Client is a professional who purchases or sells receivables in the framework and/or for the needs of his profession, the consumer law provisions, notably the provisions regarding the right of withdrawal in the framework of the distance selling of goods or services to consumers, do not apply in the relations between the Client and Edebex.

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