About Edebex

Originally founded to help companies in financial difficulties, Edebex offers today a range of innovative financing and investment solutions useful for any company.

On our online marketplace, companies in need of cash can sell their open invoices to investors and thus speed up their cash flow. This enables them to grow their business and to focus on what really matters.

Our major aim is to provide an excellent and personal service tailored to our clients’ individual needs. This is possible thanks to our passionate team which accepts every new challenge with enthusiasm. Driven by innovation and quality in all our business processes, we strive to continuously improve our offer and optimize the user experience across all channels.

The Management Team

Wim De Ridder

Chief Executive Officer

Azza Lejri

Chief Operating Officer

Pascal Berend


Esther Van Dijk

Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer

Meet the whole team

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The selling fees for Edebex (fix and variable) will be charged separately (starting from 1% of the invoice amount)